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The Story of Alberta

Alberta is a place of hope. Of optimism. Of opportunity.

Alberta is a place where caring about each other is something we take pride in. But the story the current government tells us about Alberta is too small for such a big place. Despite the fears they exploit and the fights they pick, Albertans know better than to believe them.

We are ready to face challenges head-on and make bold choices – ones that enable us to build the future we want for ourselves and for our kids.

  • Let’s continue to be the global energy leaders we’ve always been while also leading on climate action.
  • Let’s ensure having a home is always within reach, no matter the size of our paycheques.
  • Let’s make sure every Albertan has access to a family doctor.
  • Let’s prepare our kids to be the best-educated generation in the country.

Let’s focus on what unites us instead of the things that divide us.

Because that’s who we are.
That is the Alberta I know.
That’s the Alberta we deserve.

Together, we can write the next chapter of Alberta’s story.

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