Thank you #TeamRakhi!

I put my name forward to be Leader of the Alberta NDP because I believe the story of Alberta is bigger, more hopeful and more optimistic than the story being told by the current government.

And I believe the Alberta NDP is capable of reflecting that better story.

But to do that, we need to broaden the tent, invite in more Albertans, and offer Albertans something positive to vote for. It’s why I ran, and I live those values in service of a province I love very much.

Recently, all Alberta NDP leadership candidates received an update on membership sales, marking the first such update since Naheed Nenshi entered the race.

Those numbers show that, in the span of a week, Naheed has more than doubled the size of the Alberta NDP’s membership.

It’s an incredible accomplishment and invites so many more people into our movement.

Growing our party has always been and will continue to be my first priority. Rather than compete with each other, I want to unite us behind our shared visions and mutual goals.

So today, I am announcing that I will be ending my campaign to be leader of the Alberta NDP.

We must move forward to offer a positive alternative to the UCP that Albertans can enthusiastically support in the next election.

And I believe that means uniting behind the next leader, Naheed Nenshi.

This was not an easy decision for me.

I have loved every moment of this journey. The Albertans I’ve talked to, the members I’ve shared a coffee with, and the incredible team of people who have given their time, ideas, and passion to our campaign have been unforgettable.

I’m so proud of the race that I’ve run and grateful to the thousands of Albertans who have supported me in the vision of building an Alberta NDP that creates opportunity for all of us – and for all our children.

To my family – especially my incredible husband and children – thank you for being with me every step of the way and being the best team I've ever been part of.

To my campaign team and supporters, I could not be more proud of what we’ve built together.

We made a deliberate choice to lead with hope and optimism on our campaign because that’s what Albertans told us – loud and clear. The response we received from many of you in rooms all across this province was overwhelmingly supportive.

I have no doubt that our vision will be a north star within the Alberta NDP for years to come.

I’ll forever be grateful for your trust in me, but I know that I was always just a vehicle for your passions.

I hope you continue to bring those passions to support the Alberta NDP as we move forward.

I am looking forward to working with Naheed as we build this new vision.

He has grown our party by bringing tens of thousands of Albertans into the Alberta NDP, broadening our movement significantly.

To Albertans, I say: It has never been more clear than it is today – if you are looking for pragmatic solutions and a compassionate government, the Alberta NDP is your home.

You are welcome here.

Let’s write the next chapter of Alberta’s story together.

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