Rakhi Pancholi launches NDP leadership campaign focused on growth, opportunity, and optimism

Two-term NDP MLA Rakhi Pancholi is running for the leadership of Alberta’s New Democratic Party, bringing forward fresh perspectives and an exciting vision for the future of Alberta.

February 8, 2024

EDMONTON — Two-term NDP MLA Rakhi Pancholi is running for the leadership of Alberta’s New Democratic Party. Rakhi brings a fresh perspective and is committed to a campaign focused on growth, opportunity, and optimism.

“I believe people are hungry for a fresh approach – for someone who puts forward a vision for the future of this province that excites them. A vision that looks toward the future, not the past,” said Pancholi.

“We are entering a new era—as a province and as a party. Albertans are facing unprecedented challenges – it’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet, find a family doctor, and afford a home. Classrooms are bursting at the seams. And wildfires and droughts are making the climate crisis more real than ever.”

“Instead of looking to yesterday’s ideas or positions, I want to lead this province with hope and optimism about a future we build together. I’m running because Alberta is a place where opportunity is endless – for all of us and all our children. And that’s the vision I am excited to share with everyone.”

As the critic for Children’s Services, Rakhi fought tirelessly to push the UCP government to implement affordable, quality child care. Many attribute the UCP’s concession on child care to Rakhi’s tireless efforts, her ability to build relationships with diverse stakeholders, and her relentless advocacy.

Rakhi practiced law for thirteen years before being elected as the MLA for Edmonton-Whitemud. She began her legal career at a prestigious Bay Street firm, leading to almost a decade of experience in senior advisory roles for the Government of Alberta in the ministries of Education and Justice. Before running for office, she also worked in private practice as a senior lawyer at a major Alberta law firm, where she specialized in labour and employment law.

As the critic for Education, Rakhi brings decades of experience in the education sector to her fight to protect public education and ensure every child has the resources and support they need to succeed in school.

Rakhi’s energy, dedication, and deep command of the issues make her the best option to lead the NDP to victory in the next general election and lead a second NDP government in Alberta.

Official campaign materials are available here and will be made available at 8:00 AM:

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Rakhi will be available for interviews upon request.

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